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Twelve to fourteen weeks is the standard time for delivery from when an order is placed until the product arrives at the job site.  For existing collections, this timeframe can be as quickly as eight weeks.
The development and construction process of each and every order is carefully monitored at every phase.  And thoughtful attention to detail is given to each piece of a collection right down to developing a new hardware, if that will result in a better look.  A team of inspectors ensures the quality of the furniture before it leaves the factory. 
Careful thought is also given to the shipping process, including the selection of the arrival port, making sure the product is delivered in a timely manner most convenient to the installation target date.  A Hardwick Furnishings’ representative stays in close contact with the shipping logistics’ staff and the client ready to make any last minute adjustment to deliveries, should that be necessary.

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Once the furniture has been installed and prior to the hotel’s opening, a Hardwick Furnishings’ representative visits the job site to do a walk-through inspection, making sure each piece is in the same excellent condition as when it left the factory.  In the case of a renovation, this process is carefully coordinated with the hotel staff, making sure the guests are not disrupted.

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A reputation for quality, service, and dependability is what distinguishes Hardwick Furnishings as a casegood supplier in the hospitality industry.  
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